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Kybella is the first injectable medication that is a safe and effective treatment for the double chin. This injectable medication contains deoxycholic acid, and is FDA approved for this indication.

How is a Kybella treatment performed?
◦ Your dermatologist will evaluate the area and determine if you are a candidate for the procedure.
◦ The area may be marked out with a removable marker or pencil.
◦ An anesthetic cream will be applied to the treatment.
◦ The medication will be injected into the treatment area; usually 1-3 vials are used depending on the size of the area.
◦ Typically patients require 2-4 treatments at 1 month intervals.

◦ After this procedure you will notice swelling and tenderness in the area; these can last 1-3 weeks.
◦ Cool packs can be applied a few times per day.
◦ Other possible side effects include bruising, numbness, areas of hardness; these are all temporary.
◦ The desired outcome may take 3-5 weeks to appear.